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Benjamin Cholet and Justine Rousseau are Napkey, an electro-pop duo from Paris. Their captivating and aerial melodies with synthesizers and guitars are both epic and vintage, almost cinematographic.

Totalling more than 50 millions streams on Spotify alone, Napkey presents a mythical and futuristic world, filled with intertwining vocals and analog synths. Napkey’s influences are somewhere between Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, The Last Shadow Puppets and Daft Punk. 

Napkey’s debut album « 42 » (January 2017) refers to the meaning of life as depicted by Douglas Adams and offers a true retro-futurist, optimistic and nostalgic journey through space, underwater, beyond cities - into the light.

Napkey released their second album « SOLSTICE » in October 2018, and has been highlighted by numerous national medias as well as Kitsuné the French Parisian Label.

« NECTAR » the last album of Napkey is released in October 2020. « NECTAR » is an another proof of Napkey’s constant evolution.