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Label : PetitLion Productions

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« No one is serious when they are seventeen » said Rimbaud in the fiery of his young years. It is as if he meant to echo the spontaneous and explosive success story of Adèle Castillon and Matthieu Reynaud, both parts of Nantes band Videoclub.

Videoclub or the young duo that sweeps away the nostalgia of the digital natives through an etherial « Moon Safari » of gentle and colorful electropop. A stack of VHS, a retro Stranger Things-like teen room and old Joy Division posters are its signature, the shining pieces of Videoclub’s invitation, an invitation to stroll amidst landscapes of bright sounds that transpire an emotional underworld.

Videoclub is the combination of a love story and a fruitful artistic collaboration. A versatile artist, Adele began her career in 2014 on Youtube, where her funny and offbeat tone gathered a small online community. Shen then acted on movies. An inspired multi instrument player, Matthieu Reynaud displays a large patchwork of musical references. From Air to 1980’s New Wave bands, his compositions, combined with Angele’s voice, invokes scenes of tenderness, memories of stolen and fragile moments that betray the intimacy of the duo. Many could envy their genuine proximity, an exceptional bond with their fans..

The young couple started with no success afterthought, yet was soon under the spotlights. In September 2018, their first hit, Amour Plastique scored 25 millions plays, setting the Youtube count on fire. The clip, directed by Julie Reynaud (Matthieu’s sister) sets the scene for the band’s universe. Through a musical theme that dissolves itself endlessly into the images, as one can find in the movies of Wes Anderson or Jacques Demy, their fellow Nantes citizen, they deeply impregnate their audience.

As hinted by the band’s name, the duo constantly picks and chooses in a wide visual grammar, somewhere in-between arty movie references and a spontaneous iPhone shot meant to be shared online a million times. Their cherry picked entourage testifies of their self-consciousness when it comes to creating their image. The beautiful clip En Nuit was directed by Aube Perrie, who previously worked with Angele and Møme. With its retro and sweetly melancholic world, the duo’s aesthetic maturity is impressive. In Roi, launched in December 2018, they remind us of Odezenne with their signature spoken word and assess their claim to the exciting new scene of French pop, somewhere in-between Vendredi sur Mer and Lewis of Man.

For their new song Mai, they worked with Hugo Pillard who directed a very poetic clip in which one can hear these prophetic lyrics « traitez nous de révoltés on en écrira des chansons ». Attentive ears, craving for cool new songs, will wait impatiently Videoclub’s new album, expected in a few months.



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