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Adam Naas is an anomaly. A singer whose voice has the elasticity of Jeff Buckley and the low vibrato of Anohni. Fluctuating between the baritone depth of a new age crooner and a falsetto that can soar beyond most of his contemporaries. This is showcased on his debut album, The Love Album, which was released in 2018. Since then, Adam has put on a litany of enigmatic performances while honing his pen and poeticism, musing on transience and mortality. On his long-awaited sophomore album Goldie and The Kiss of Andromeda, long-standing partnerships blend with encounters from the London underground and queer scene, culminating in a rich and luscious record.

Goldie is the eponymous character Adam Naas embodies. A shaggy golden-haired charmer. Goldie - that’s what his friends call him. The impermanence of life is a consistent theme throughout the album and Goldie is the master of ceremonies. All the while backed by the artistic collective, The Andromeda. Comprising of Christelle Canot (co-production, bass, piano, backing vocals), Louis Guego (guitar and backing vocals), Arnaud Gavini (percussion and drums) and on occasion the talented singer-songwriter Merryn Jeann, that Adam extensively toured with after the release of his first EP and album.

Adam cut his teeth playing big summer festivals such as Solidays, We Love Green, Printemps de Bourges, The Great Escape, London Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz, moving to clubs all over the world. They provided a space for him to flex his vast vocal range while experimenting and expanding his stage persona. These live experiences filtered into his second album, recorded in Marseille, Paris and London : "before starting, we spent a week locked up in Arnaud's studio playing the album live. The goal was to keep all the strength of a show, the raw collective experience and to put it into a record ». The intimacy and energy the group shares has been integral to the creative process, authentically captured and exhibited throughout Goldie and The Kiss of Andromeda.

The music jostles between melancholy and unbridled joy. A reflection of the disconcerting present. Death is the subject of A Story We Don’t Tell, rhythmic new-wave pulsations contrast with light and jubilant backing vocals. While the up-tempo rock of Sunny Ride is playful and ebullient, the production is seductive, bursting with nostalgia. The gloomy undertones of the love struck pessimist are evident in Forever Mine and One Way Or Another. While Only Love Remains culminates with blistering instrumentation intertwined with Goldie's rallying cries. Goldie and The Kiss of Andromeda is an album that balances styles, sounding cohesive and resolute due to the strength of the artist's lyricism and confident performance. 



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